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Here at The Ink Bin, we are used to getting messy hands! But in 2021, we want to support your school to get muddy hands too!

As we all start to see light at the end of the Covid-Tunnel, yet still face a difficult and wintry few months to come; we wanted to spread excitement, anticipation and inspiration in the form of a new school project which can be the centre-piece of a larger school celebration- Summer Solstice. Why, you could even tie this in with an outdoor production of Midsummer Night’s Dream for your school leavers!

In October, The Ink Bin started our monthly newsletters and gallery of inspiration designed with Eco Teams in mind- KIDS ONLY! Throughout 2021, we are going to use our newsletters as a walk-through guide to support your school to create a fabulous Summer Solstice Sustainable Celebration. We hope the end result will create a fabulous lasting legacy for the school- either The Corona Garden or The Solstice Garden.

If you would like to receive The Ink Bin's monthly newsletters to give support and advice on how to create your sustainable school garden, please subscribe on our KIDS ONLY web page.

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