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Why choose The Ink Bin?

The Ink Bin pride ourselves on a friendly and personalised service. The Ink Bin is run by a teacher so we know just how busy schools and charities are- we work with you and the your Admin Team to keep it as easy as possible.


Most importantly, we accept ALL home-use cartridges and do all the sorting and listing ourselves- it’s our job to get the inky hands, not yours!


How much will our organisation make?

It’s over to you! Some groups spread the word far and wide and collect in their community as well as through the families and friends. As a guide, in Summer  2020, our groups raised anything from £24.50 up to an amazing £312.85.


In just five months, one school raised a staggering £407.70! We will do all that we can to support you, including helping you spread the word on Facebook. We would love your organisation to do even better!


Do you take photocopier / toner cartridges?

At present, we are unable to accept larger cartridges. We do provide information on how to recycle these.  In order to support our supporters to raise as much as they can, we can only take home-use cartridges.


Do you accept all home-use cartridges?



We want to save those nasty cartridges from a life in landfill so we accept any home-use cartridge. We do ask that your collection has some HP and Canon inkjet cartridges as this helps to keep our business in keeping the world colourful!


The HP and Canon inkjet cartridges are the only ones for which we are able to pay. All others will be refilled or recycled at our cost.

How big is The Ink Bin?

The Ink Bin is 313 x 303 x 742 mm- a waist-height and eye-catching Bin that often sits in the Reception area. We personalise the Bin with your organisation’s logo to make it special for your supporters and help them to feel part of your collection. You are welcome to order more than one Bin if you are keen to collect further and wider. 


What happens when our Ink Bin is full?

It’s super easy! You need to find an old cardboard box and line it with some plastic (old carrier bags are fine). Then, fill it with your collection and make sure it’s nice and snug so the cartridges don’t rattle around too much and become damaged. We really appreciate our customers not sending any original packaging from the cartridges- this can usually be recycled in household waste. Once the box is full, simply let us know and we shall arrange a courier collection.

Questions we are often asked...

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