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Circular Economy Specialists 
in Home-Use Ink Cartridges

The Ink Bin was established in 2019 by long-standing teacher Becky Baines as a fresh and new way to tackle plastic pollution.

We focus on creating Community Collection Points for the wide-scale recycling of all home-use cartridges as we believe this is the most environmentally responsible approach.


The Ink Bin is focused on returning ink cartridges back into the Circular Economy in a closed LOOP system and work tirelessly to support our customers as well as the environment.

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A Teacher of Twenty Years...

Thanks so much for checking in with us- we would love to support your school! We believe that we are the perfect partner for schools- with 20 years of teaching experience; fundraising experience and a wealth of recycling experience too!

We work tirelessly to educate youngsters on issues of recycling, sustainability and climate change... in a productive and positive way!

ink cartridge recycling teacher school charity pta plastic free sustainability fundraising terracycle  eco group
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