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Recycling Home Use Ink Cartridges Across Mersea Island

The Mersea Lions Club have teamed up with Circular Economy specialists The Ink Bin to establish several recycling collection points across Mersea Island in Essex.

Did you know that it takes up to 1000 Years for an ink cartridge to decompose in landfill? Not to mention those nasty leakages into our water courses and land. The brilliant news is that they are incredibly easy to recycle. Many home-use ink cartridges can easily be refilled and resold- the ideal closed loop recycling system.

The Mersea Island Lions Club has teamed up with The Ink Bin, a local company, to support the Islanders in recycling these cartridges easily. With kind sponsorship from East of England Co-Op; Life in Eco, JK May Funeral Directors and Fen Farm, there are now four Ink Bins dotted around the Island for you to drop your cartridges for recycling. Even better- for the inkjet cartrdiges within any collections, The Ink Bin is able to give the Club some money back!

The Ink Bin can accept any home use ink cartridge and will recycle every one. For larger toner cartridges, you can visit the website for guidance- RECYCLING INK TONER CARTRIDGES | The Ink Bin

The Ink Bin will be in four key locations- The Co-Op on West Mersea; Life In Eco Zero Waste Shop; Mersea Barns on East Mersea and the MICA Centre. If you have any queries, please do get in touch with us via the website!

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