It's so Easy!

We simply need you to pop your empty home-use cartridges into a sturdy box

with some plastic at the bottom and then fill in the form below

We do all the sorting and listing our end! We also cover all of the postal charges*

We do ask that you have a reasonable amount of Canon and HP inkjet cartridges in your collection- just like the ones in these photos. Although we do accept all home-use ink cartridges, we are only able to give funds to charities for HP and Canon inkjet cartridges. The rest will be returned to the Circular Economy or recycled at our cost; keeping the world colourful.

Please Come and Collect
Our Ink Cartridges*...

Once you have inputted the information, our couriers will email you across a postal label to print and attach to the box.

Please do take note that we are only able to give funds back to charities for HP and Canon inkjet cartridges.

Thanks for submitting!

*We do ask that you have no toner cartridges in your collection

At this time, we cannot accept toner cartridges such as these. However the great news is that they will be collected free by your manufacturer. Please follow the link button below for more information


* we reserve the right to deduct £3.50 per kilo of toner cartridges from collections that include toner cartridges in order to cover our extensive costs for this