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This Recycle Week, we thought we would offer some tips on how some of our schools make such successful collections...

The PTA at Clarendon Primary School in Ashford place their Ink Bin outside the school gates for parents to drop their ink cartridges in every Monday morning. They precede this with a reminder on social media the day before. They have a very active and exciting Facebook page which is worth a look too!

Clinton Primary School in Kenilworth have sought permission from their local Waitrose Store to place their Ink Bin within the store for the local community to collect on their behalf. Seek a friendly store manager at a local supermarket and ask if you can do the same!

*NOTE: we must help you seek a free WASTE CARRIER LICENSE in order to do this but it's super-easy!

Get the pupils involved! We all know that

young people are passionate, tenacious and caring so please do get them involved with spreading the word. We hope you find our weekly ECO KIDS newsletters useful- they are our way to support young people in keeping the world colourful and we really are passionate about this.

Lea and Garsdon School in Malmesbury have placed their Ink Bin within a local stationers for the shop's customers to drop as they buy. We have schools that have placed their Ink Bin in a local cafe, library, estate agents and more.* Some schools have actually asked the business to sponsor the cost of the Bin and we have advertised their kindness.

The PTA at Shaw Ridge Primary School in Swindon decided (following Covid restrictions) to keep their ink collection outside on a permanent basis. Not only does it mean that the school does not have to be involved, the collection is always visible for the school community.

St John's Primary School in Colchester have Baby Ink Bins too- they offer these to parents who may work in an office setting and use lots of smaller ink cartridges. You can easily make your own supplementary bins by printing a poster from our website.

We aim to keep our Ink Bin Family (that's you) up to date with the world of recycling, environment and also the successes of our customers. We post regularly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and try to make some of this content of "shareable" interest. Why not share one of our posts to boost your school community's interest?

And finally... send back regularly. We really do not need your Ink Bin to be full before you send it back to us. Giving parents regular feedback on how The Ink Bin is working will encourage them to actively participate. We just ask that you have a reasonable amount of HP and Canon inkjet cartridges (eg HP301 or Canon 540) as these help cover our courier costs.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST- The Ink Bin Team are always here to offer you support! If you reach out to us on our website page, you will get through to Becky, Justin or Jacob and we are always so happy to offer any help we can!


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