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We are absolutely delighted to partner with Sustainable Schools Leicester at Leicester City Council to support school recycling and ecofundraising.

In partnership with The Ink Bin, Sustainable Schools Leicester will be giving forty Leicester Schools the opportunity to access FREE Ink Bins.

The Ink Bin is a family-run business based in the UK that collects and recycles all home-use printer ink cartridges. Around 80% of the cartridges collected will go straight back into the Circular Economy. All of the rest will be recycled- The Ink Bin pride themselves on being a Zero Waste company!

Becky Baines, teacher and founder at The Ink Bin says,

" It is so important to embed excellent sustainability routines in young people. Recycling is only a small part of this but it marks a wonderful behavioural mindset that all young people willingly and happily embrace."

The Ink Bin are passionate about supporting young people on their 'green' journey and have a special program- ECO KIDS- which offers many free resources to busy teachers who would like to establish an Eco Team within their school. You can sign up for their free weekly newsletters on their website.

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