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A Waste Carriers License is free for charities and is incredibly simple to apply for. You can follow this link- WCL 

If you are collecting within your own organisation (such as a school) and it's companions, you are good to go and just need to fill in the form below.

If you wish to collect within your wider community (for example within a supermarket, library or community centre), you will need a very simple piece of paper named a 
Waste Carrier License.

We understand that funds are tight.
We can offer a package whereby a local business sponsor your Ink Bin.


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B2B, Circular Supermarkets and More...

The Ink Bin are working with many large organisations at present to bring wider-scale collection points to the U.K. as well as to their employees who are working and printing from home.

If you are part of a large organisation and are interested in working alongside us then please do reach out personally to arrange a meeting.