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It’s Time To Drop Your Empty Ink Cartridges at Morrisons

We are thrilled to have introduced The Ink Bin into three Morrisons stores within Essex and Suffolk. The Ink Bin will sit in the foyer of Morrisons Maldon, Morrisons Witham and Morrisons Hadleigh to support customers to recycle their empty home-use inkjet cartridges. It takes up to 1000 years for these to degrade in a landfill site and an estimated 30 million are sent to landfill annually. Many of the cartridges will be sent off for refilling- a process which can be repeated up to six times. For other cartridges, The Ink Bin pledge that they will all be recycled and returned to the circular economy. Emma at the Hadleigh store was delighted to receive the Bin and explained that customers have recently started asking for this service. If you are a local resident, please do pop down with your empty inkjet cartridges and help us in keeping the world colourful!

Morrisons is a market leader in sustainability and recycling, as well as reduction of plastics. Morrisons are committed to making all of their own brand products 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025. They are committed to removing or reducing unnecessary packaging, using recyclable or recycled material wherever possible, and working with suppliers on packaging innovation to ensure our packaging is only there to protect and preserve the product it contains. During 2019, the supermarket chain will extensively remove problematic plastics from Morrisons products such as black plastic, PVC and EPS. Morrisons was amongst the first major retailers to remove single use plastic bags at the checkout and the first to provide a reusable, recyclable paper alternative, receiving great appreciation from plastic-free groups across the UK. More details on their sustainability pledges can be found on their website.

Collecting inkjet cartridges for recycling at Morrisons in Witham

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