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Supporting a future where all horses are well cared for, and where their owners can ask for help

The Ink Bin are thrilled to be supporting Communities For Horses charity in Swansea. Communities For Horses work to improve equine welfare and relieve animal suffering by providing free-of-charge education and support to horse owners in deprived areas.

The Ink Bin are now working together with the charity to support their fundraising as well as their environmental endeavors through recycling supporters home-use ink cartridges. For certain HP and Canon inkjet cartridges, The Ink Bin will give Communities For Horses up to £1.10 each depending on model. It's an easy, environmentally friendly and free way to raise funds for such a wonderful charity!

If you have any used or unused home-use cartridges, please drop them into their charity shop in Swansea or contact Lisa Lanafer directly.


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