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Can You Give An Ink Bin A Home and Save Cartridges From 1000 Years in Landfill?

Did You Know?

By recycling ink cartridges, around 11 million gallons of oil can be saved in seven months! (source)

We have proudly been working with Plastic Free Eastbourne and Parents For Future Eastbourne for nearly a year now and are keen to widen our support for these wonderful groups. We currently have Ink Bins around the Eastbourne area, including Towner Art Gallery and Stone Croft School- could your school, library, church, shop or other organisation give a home to one of our Ink Bins?

Collecting is easy- we provide you with a lovely personalised Ink Bin in which members of the community can drop their empty home-use ink cartridges. Once The Ink Bin is full, you simply head to our website and fill in the simple form for emptying the Bin and we do all the rest. It's totally free and can even raise money for your organisation in the process. For HP and Canon inkjet cartridges, we can give your organisation up to £1.00 each! All other cartridges will either be refilled or recycled- we send nothing to landfill!

To order your Free Ink Bin, please click here and help support us in keeping the world colourful!

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