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Drop Your Printer Cartridges Into The Norfolk Hospice For Recycling

Do you use a printer at home? Did you know that an inkjet printer cartridge takes up to 1000 years to decompose. With 30,000,000 being thrown to landfill annually, that is just not sustainable for our beautiful planet. With more and more awareness of plastic-reduced and plastic-free lifestyles, The Ink Bin offers a sustainable way to dispose of home-use inkjet cartridges.

The Norfolk Hospice are now collecting empty ink cartridges for recycling within their nine charity shops and at The Norfolk Hospice, Tapping House. All of the cartridges which they collect will be sent for recycling and some of these can actually be refilled up to six times and sent back to the market. For cartridges such as HP301 or Canon 545, The Ink Bin will give The Norfolk Hospice up to £1.50 each as a donation- every cartridge will make a difference in supporting their fabulous work.

recycling empty ink cartridges to sustainably fundraise

The Norfolk Hospice have Bins in all of their charity shops- Wisbech, Swaffham, Snettisham, King's Lynn, Hunstanton, Holt, Fakenham and Downham Market. For more details on their shops, click here. If you are a business that think you could collect ink cartridges on behalf of The Norfolk Hospice, please do request an Ink Bin directly from the website.

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