Recycling Toner Cartridges...

Under the WEEE Directive, which outlines the regulations set for recycling electronic equipment, your manufacturer or re-manufacturer is obliged to

cover the costs of collecting and recycling your toner cartridges. 

We have created quick links through to manufacturers. If you use  re-manufactured  toner cartridges, check for the WEEE logo and contact your supplier directly.

Canon Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling_jp
Dell Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling.web
Konica Minolta Laser Toner Recycling.web
Samsung Laser Toner Recycling.webp
HP Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling.webp
Epson Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling_jp
Kyocera Laser Toner Recycling.webp

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