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Glenfiddich distillery launches trucks fuelled by whisky waste

Glenfiddich has begun converting its delivery trucks to run on low-emission biogas made from waste products from its own whisky distilling process, the Scottish whisky industry hopes to hit carbon net zero targets by 2040.

Stuart Watts, distillery director said "traditionally, Glenfiddich has sold off spent grains left over from the malting process to be used for a high-protein cattle feed. But through anaerobic digestion - where bacteria break down organic matter producing biogas - the distillery can also use liquid waste from the process to make fuel and eventually recycle all of its waste products this way".

The distiller said the biogas cuts CO2 emissions by over 95% compared to diesel and other fossil fuels, and reduces other harmful particulates and greenhouse gas emissions by up to 99%. The trucks Glenfiddich is using are converted vehicles from truck maker Iveco that normally run on liquefied natural gas.

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