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Saving Hours of Work And Mess For Our Customers

One of our favourite parts of running The Ink Bin, our Essex-based family business, is getting our hands dirty! We pride ourselves on taking care of the whole process for our customers and keeping the job of collecting empty ink cartridges as easy as possible. Unlike many of our larger competitors, we will accept all types of home-use ink cartridge and we do not require our customers to log or list any of their collection. We firmly believe that it is our job to get the inky hands, not yours! We pledge that they will all be recycled rather than sent to landfill for up to 1000 years. Even better, The Ink Bin can pay charities for certain inkjet cartridges.

It really is an incredibly easy process for any school or charity wishing to start up their own recycling scheme and a very satisfying way of potentially making hundreds of pounds.

For more information on collecting home-use cartridges, please visit our website.

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