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Please Save Your Ink Cartridges For Shaw Ridge Primary School

Families at Shaw Ridge Primary School in Ridge Green, Swindon are working with The Ink Bin to collect and recycle home-use ink cartridges from the community. Shaw Ridge School, having recently achieved their Woodland Trust Green Trees Bronze Award, are actively working to recycle as many cartridges as possible; keeping the world colourful with The Ink Bin. Every ink cartridge recycled saves it from from landfill and a life of up to 1000 years degrading!

The Ink Bin recycle every last cartridge sent to us and can give the pupils of Shaw Ridge School some money back for certain HP and Canon inkjet cartridges. Other schools across the UK have earned over £400 this year through the scheme- could you support them to beat this?

You will find their Covid-Safe external Ink Bin outside the school where you can drop any home-use full or empty ink cartridges for recycling.

For more details please contact us here at The Ink Bin or email

Let's fill that Bin!


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