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Heritage Estate Agent Supports Honywood Science School To Fund Climate Enrichment Events

With the support of their local community, Honywood Science School in Coggeshall are now collecting empty inkjet printer cartridges as part of their environmental education studies. Honywood School have recently launched their school as a collection point and are now reaching out to businesses within the large Essex village to take their personalised Ink Bins as complimentary collecting points on their behalf. Local business, Heritage Estate Agents, are keen to support the cause- Director Andy McManus says "It's a win, win project- we are helping to reduce the single-use plastics going to landfill whilst helping raise funds for our local secondary school!"

The Ink Bin are proud to be zero waste and, unlike most competitors, they collect every type of inkjet cartridge. They sort and test the cartridges themselves and most are sent for refilling. For HP and Canon inkjet cartridges collected, The Ink Bin can offer up to £1.50 each to the school. At present, thirty million cartridges are still sent to landfill annually, so there's lots of scope to raise valuable funds for the school. James Saunders, headteacher at Honywood School, plans to use any money raised from the project to fund climate enrichment activities such as beach cleans at the nearby Walton-on-the-Naze. The project will allow pupils at Honywood to work closely with local businesses and allows valuable entrepreneurial experience for the students.

The project, led by The Ink Bin- a specialist inkjet recycling company, sits alongside their work with Unity Fridays. Unity Fridays is a collaboration between The Ink Bin and Youth Enrichment charity Unity Enterprises, which supports youngsters to enhance their connections with the business sector and their community through skills mentoring. Unity Fridays have recently announced their Eco Citizen Award, in association with Perrywood Nurseries, to recognise the outstanding contribution of young people towards environmental matters. The aim- supporting youngsters in engaging with their community, in tackling climate change and in keeping the world colourful!

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