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Bunzl Plymouth Supports School Children To Recycle Whilst Helping End Homelessness

Updated: Jun 16, 2019

The Ink Bin and Emmaus UK have teamed up with Bunzl Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies to help support schools children across Devon and Cornwall to help end homelessness. At present, there are currently 320,000 people living homeless in the UK- that's the equivalent to the whole population of Iceland! Emmaus cite that the main factor for their companions becoming homeless is relationship breakdown. Other factors that have a big impact are loss of a job, problems with drugs and alcohol and mental health issues. By recycling your inkjet cartridge, it could raise up to £1.50 each for Emmaus UK.

The Ink Bin, a family run business founded by teacher and mother Becky Baines, offers a really easy way of supporting the end to homelessness. Becky passionately believes that all children should be taught about difficult issues, including homelessness and climate crisis but in a sensitive and age-appropriate way. The Colchester-based company was established with a view to nurturing the passion which youngsters have for keeping the world colourful (their tag line) and is rapidly growing to support businesses invested in lowering single-use plastic waste as well as charities hoping to increase their fundraising.

Bunzl Plymouth will be distributing flyers to their customers across the region and then delivering The Ink Bin on behalf of the partnership. Bunzl will then collect the Bin once it is full with empty inkjet cartridges- utilising their empty delivery vehicles on the way back to the depot- a win, win, win!

If you are a school wishing to register for The Ink Bin, an individual who uses inkjet cartridges or a company wishing to help homeless people across the UK, simply visit The Ink Bin's website to register your support.

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