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£312.85... A Huge Congratulations to Tendring Primary Recycle Scheme

We are thrilled to welcome Tendring Primary Recycling Scheme, an East Anglian sustainability hero of ours, to The Ink Bin Family. This month, we were able to support them to save 1571 cartridges from landfill, as well as support the school itself with £312.85 for their efforts!

First and foremost, this wonderful organisation works tirelessly towards their main goal- collecting recycling that would usually end up in the bin. Tendring Primary Recycle Scheme collect a very wide range of 'rubbish' that we usually throw in our dustbins and ends up in landfill. This includes crisp packets, ink cartridges sliced bread bags, lids of all types and much much more. A brilliant scheme educating the children on recycling, raising much needed funds as well as reducing general waste.

With the tireless enthusiasm and commitment of Ellamy Fox Fraser and her Team, the group have saved a significant amount from landfill through promoting a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach to waste. I was lucky enough to visit Ellamy and Katie this week at their Recycling HQ, based on the site of Tendring Primary School. Their recycling programme is incredibly comprehensive and thorough as well as incredibly well organised.

TPRS have been recycling ink cartridges as part of their programme for a while now but recently chose to move across to The Ink Bin. Ellamy praised our works by saying,

"Becky made the whole process so easy and quick. The amount we raised in our first transaction was fantastic, especially as switching to The Ink Bin from the previous company we used also saved me hours of work. No more time spent recording inks individually and having to box them up for posting, Becky collected them from us and simply sent me the remittance and credit, all within a few days too. I really couldn't have asked for anything better." The Ink Bin collect all home-use ink cartridges and pledge that every last one will either be refilled or recycled- no more stinky ink escaping into landfill! One ink cartridge can take up to 1000 years to decompose so it really is a fantastic result for the community.

The Ink Bin have a long-standing environmental presence within Tendring District Council. Last year, we co-hosted Climate Change in Clacton- a conference which saw Gareth-Redmond King of WWF; Jill Bruce of Woman's Institute and Giles Watling local MP ask and answer questions on how the local area of Clacton and Tendring are tackling the climate crisis. Local school pupils and members of the community were given the opportunity to share their views and voice their concerns about waste, pollution and transport amongst other things.

If your school or community group would like a FREE personalised Ink Bin, please do contact us via our homepage. We pride ourselves on education as a starting point and offer free assembly notes and much more on our SCHOOLS page. Every cartridge we received will be reused or recycled; keeping the world colourful!

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