Artist Kat Evans To Help Judge our Beeautiful Art Competition...


"The Bees Knees" 

Triptych by Kat Evans, 2021

Especially Created For Us at The Ink Bin


Kat Evans is an abstract pop expressionist based in the UK, her work is a celebration of the contemporary.

With a strong passion for art history, Kat cleverly remixes popular culture and works from the public domain to complete her obsession with 'What's Next'. 

Utilising works by Picasso, van Gogh and Di Vinci to name a few.  Combining her trademark intuitive mark making and use of colour with digital technology, Kat creates current works that represent art now, and what it means to be an artist in our current climate and generation.

Kat also specialises in a form of abstract expressionism called drip painting. One of the first artists to perfect this style of painting was Jackson Pollock. Kat works, although created in a similar way, are stand alone pieces in their own right.

You can view more of Kat's work here