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The Ink Bin was established in 2019 by long-standing teacher Becky Baines as a fresh and new way to

tackle plastic pollution.

We focus on creating Community Collection Points for the wide-scale recycling of all home-use cartridges

as we believe this is the

most environmentally responsible approach.


The Ink Bin is focused on returning ink cartridges back into the Circular Economy in a closed LOOP system and work tirelessly to support our customers as well as the environment.

As a teacher passionate about all things environmental, Becky and her Team also produce free, weekly newsletters for all educators. They are available on the ECO KIDS page of the website and are designed to form part of a weekly Eco Club within schools.

These educational resources are freely available to anyone- not just our customers- so please do

make use of them and share too.

A Taster of Some of Our Blogs, Articles and Events...

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Women in Business Community Champion Award 2021
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Let's Recycle Live 2019

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Twelve-Store Ink Bin trial with Waitrose & Partners

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